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Getting Here

Close to Newcastle city centre, Quorum Park is highly accessible for all forms of transport.

The A1, A19, Newcastle Central Station and Newcastle International Airport are all nearby, and our award winning sustainable transport links provides fast, frequent and efficient access.


Quorum is just 4 miles from Newcastle City Centre within an 8 minute drive of both the A1 and A19, providing excellent access to the regions major road network. Sat nav users should aim for NE12 8BU.

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Parking at Quorum

There is a car parking policy in place at Quorum and drivers must display a staff or visitor permit in their vehicle windscreen when parked on-site between 8am and 5pm, Mon to Fri. Each tenant is allocated with spaces and is responsible for issuing permits to staff and visitors. Click here to download our Parking Policy FAQs.

Quorum Liftshare

Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together rather than driving alone. One of the people travelling is usually the owner of the vehicle and the other(s) usually make a contribution towards fuel costs. Sign up to become a member of Quorum Liftshare today and find out if there are other members matching your requirements. Click here to register.

CoWheels Car Club

Quorum has its own pay-as-you-go car hire scheme with 2 Toyota cars located in the centre of the park which you can book online or over the phone. Hire for half an hour or days at a time with insurance and fuel included in the cost. Once you are signed up as a member you take your smartcard along to the car, hold it over the reader and as long as you have a booking the car will open. At the end of your booking, simply drop the car back into its bay. It’s that simple – you need never have the hassle of owning a car again! Click here to join and get £20 free driving credit.


Newcastle International Airport is just a 15 minute drive away, serving 18 airlines with direct links to 80 destinations. 

The airport has its own Metro Station, providing a public transport connection to Quorum Park within 30 mins. For more information visit newcastleairport.com.

Regional transport links

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Only 15 mins drive from Quorum Park, Newcastle Central Station providing direct links to the major cities in the UK along the East Coast Mainline, with services reaching London King’s Cross in 2.5 hours. For more information on National Rail services nationalrail.co.uk.

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Northern Rail operate the following regional services:

You can use their online season ticket calculator to find how much you could save by purchasing your ticket in advance. To find out more visit northernrail.org.

The Metro station located within Central Station ensues a seamless public transport links to Quorum Park. We recommend that you take the Metro to Haymarket, then catch the X7, X8, 52 or 54 bus to Quorum.

Public transport

There are up to 52 buses per hour serving Quorum Park, providing quick access to the Metro, City Centre and wider local area, while The Metro links us to destinations from across the region. The local metro station is Four Lane Ends, an easy walk along Benton Lane or a 5 minute bus journey.

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Metro Services

Four Lane Ends metro station is less than a mile from the park (10-15 minute walk along Benton Lane). It takes only 12 minutes to reach Newcastle City Centre on the Metro from Four Lane Ends and they operate every 10 minutes during peak, every 15 minutes off-peak

Buses between Quorum and Four Lane Ends

The branded 555 Quorum Shuttle Bus service operates on loop to and from Four Lane Ends from 0630 – 1000 and then 1500 – 1815. Each trip costs £1.00 or £1.90 return. Q Card holders can purchase a Quorum Route Saver ticket for £5.50 for 7 days or £20 for 28 days travel.  Network One, Arriva, NE Smartzone and Transfare Tickets are also accepted. You can also travel between Quorum and Four Lane Ends on the 52, K1, K2 and 62 buses.

Buses between Quorum and Newcastle City Centre

The X7, X8 52 and 54 operate to/from the Haymarket. The Stagecoach X63 service operates to/from Monument every 15 minutes. All express (X) buses take less than 15 minutes to reach Quorum.

Travel Tickets

You could save money by paying for your travel in advance and there are a range of travel tickets available in Tyne & Wear.

Travel Advice

Contact The Hub for a personalised journey plan and travel ticket information by emailing .

Bus & metro services

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Quorum is surrounded by a network of cycle routes. Buildings at Quorum have plenty of facilities to cater for cyclists including showers, lockers and secure cycle parking.

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Cycling can dramatically improve your general fitness and can reduce levels of stress and anxiety. If your journey to Quorum is less than 5 miles then cycling could be a practical option which is well worth considering! All buildings have cycle parking and changing facilities and the monthly pop up Bike Hub event offers free bike maintenance, route planning, training courses and freebies.

You can download cycle routes from local residential areas below. For more help planning your cycling journey to Quorum Park, visit cyclestreets.net.

Quorum Park also offers a ‘Ride Before You Buy’ scheme. This unique opportunity enables you to borrow one of our pool bikes free of charge.

Click here to get regular cycling updates from the Hub or email us directly for a personalised travel plan hub@quorumpark.com

Journey planner

You’re where? OK, here’s what you need to do…

There are lots of different ways to get to Quorum Park by public transport. Find out which one is best for you with the Nexus journey plannning tool. Enter your location, prefered mode of transport and the time you want to arrive / depart, and it will work out the best routes for you. Easy.

Need any more advice?

Quorum has its own Commuter Centre located right here on-site at the Hub.

Our Tenant and Travel Advisor helps new and existing occupiers with their travel planning needs providing advice, support and assistance in areas such as:

  • Car parking management
  • Recruitment and employee inductions
  • Travel surveys and postcode analysis
  • National campaigns to promote sustainable transport initiatives

Click below to contact us for more information.