Free bottle of Prosecco with any
pre-booked table reservation – Every day!

Miami wild child and international socialite Florita has come to town and made Newcastle her new home. Collingwood Street’s hottest nightspot, graced by Gaga, frequented by Fergie and raved about by Rihanna, there is no doubt about it Florita’s Miami Bar and Tropical Gardens is the only place for you to be seen.
The Main Room – Big sounds, bigger sound system and bustling floor. Dance to sundrenched anthems &party time bombs, YOU WILL DANCE!

Tropicalia – Welcome to the flipside of Florita. Lounge, dance & cavort in Florita’s hideaway with equal measures of cool and kitsch.

Tropical Cocktails – Drink out of real coconuts, pineapples & watermelons at Florita’s.

All offers are subject to change.  Offers only claimable with a valid and current Q card.  Management reserve the right to refuse an offer if no valid card is presented.

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